Opposition should campaign for ZiG to work

Renowned Zimbabwean investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has criticized Zimbabwe’s opposition for ineffective leadership, blaming them for defending incompetent MPs and maintaining a bọ́otIicking culture.

He urges accountability and critical thinking to challenge ZANUPF’s power and prevent further suffering.

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Chin’ono adds that Zimbabweans are not yet ready for change as judged by their lack of tolerance among them.

He writes:

If we had a genuine and competent opposition in Zimbabwe, they would campaign for the ZiG to have purchasing power for everything, including fuel and passports.

When the current crop of opposition MPs was chosen, and many were imposed, I was insulted when I spoke about the ineffective Bereka Mwana method.

Nelson Chamisa claimed he had a special three-step system for selecting these MPs, many of whom he imposed. He should take ownership of their incompetence and cluelessness; they are his MPs.
He can’t absolve himself of that responsibility by resigning!

Good MP candidates were blocked in favor of this useless cohort of MPs because some bootlicked and some paid back handers.

The trouble with Zimbabwe and its 30% O’Level pass rate is that supporters blindly defend nonsense.

When the predicted consequences occur, they don’t want the authors of the problem to take responsibility!

Unless the bootlicking culture changes and leaders are held accountable for their foolish decisions, ZANUPF will remain in power!

If you find yourself defending tragic and foolish decisions, you deserve all the pain you are feeling from ZANUPF because you’re impervious to common sense and logic!

You are not a victim, you are a participant in your own suffering!

You don’t remove a military regime by sending greedy, incompetent, and softballs to parliament.
You work to get competent leaders by not defending nonsense.

The whole world laughed at us with the Bereka Mwana nonsense, yet we have adults with marriage certificates on the wall who defended that foolishness.

Then they cry victim and shout at the useless MPs when they themselves were at the forefront of defending the nonsensical methods used to come up with them.

You are not victims, you are architects of your own pain and suffering and until you learn to critically think and examine things, you deserve it!

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