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Skomota struggling to care for pregnant wife amid revelations that he gets R1000 from R35k per gig fee

Popular South African dancer Skomota has opened up about his personal life amid the reports that his manager, Moruti Wa Dikota is exploiting him. The star revealed that he has a pregnant wife at home, and the money he gets is not enough to take care of her.

Skomota reveals his wife is expecting

The reports about Skomota’s lack of a bank account have opened a can of worms. The star recently responded to the rumours with a video announcing that he has cancelled all his bookings and will only resume work when the matter has been resolved.

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In addition to that, Skomota also revealed that Moruti Wa Dikota pays him R1000, which sometimes doesn’t come in full despite his charge being R35K per gig. Speaking in a viral video shared by MDN News on X, the upcoming star debunked the rumours that he is homeless. He shared that he has a wife and is expecting a child together. The post’s caption read:

“Skomota says Moruti Wa Dikota gives him R1000 after gigs and sometimes it does not come in full. Skomota’s charge rate is allegedly R35 000. But such money goes into Moruti Wa Dikota’s accounts. Skomota also says he has a wife and they are expecting.❤”

Social media users want to hear Moruti Wa Dikota’s story. Many also said Skomota should get a professional manager to help him boost his career.

@MaboeLaurence said:

“But guys Skomota has been showing signs that he isn’t happy with that guy.”

@sabelostorm commented:

“Skomota even if you give him 100 of R10, he will think it’s a tao.”

@thabelomaanda wrote:

“Skomota wants to provide for his family shame they must pay him.”

@GermanTank_BW added:

“Skomota should get a professional artist manager and pay him well, he will thank me later.”

@PatrickMukatsh2 noted:

“It’s very sad he’s not alone some are getting grants from government bt still don’t get a single cent from it,it’s absolutely touching.”

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