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How to make your cheating boyfriend regret leaving you

When a partner cheats, it is the most hurtful thing for the one who is at the receiving end. Ladies, if your man has cheated on you and you want sweet revenge where he regrets leaving you without being too vicious, then here are 5 things you ought to work on, depending upon your situation.

1. Make him jealous

Find a friend or someone safe with whom you can hang out more. Just go on a coffee date, shop, or go to your favourite places with this person. This helps you with two things. One, make your cheating boyfriend who undervalued you feel jealous and regretful and secondly, the other person could also be a potential partner. Keep your heart open.

2. Act like you do not care

Indifference hurts people. Cheaters can be narcissistic and your boyfriend is likely to or was likely to expect you to blow up and cause a scene over them. So instead, puncture their ego by staying calm at that moment. Channel every ounce of your hurt and anger into being composed and then think of the next move. Walk away before reacting.

3. The cold shoulder

Giving him a cold shoulder may just make him apologise and regret his actions. This comes into the picture if you want to take him back and forgive him. Be cold and let him know that it will be so easy. Let him earn back your trust. If he is committed to fixing things then he will indeed do whatever it takes. However, every situation is different. If you do not want a person who cheated on you, because you know you will not trust again, then walk away. But, if you think you can forgive then make him mend it all.

4. Leave for good

To make a cheater regret, many leave for good. It is painful but necessary for your own mental peace if you cannot forgive. Cut him off from all your social media accounts so that he is not able to show up on your feeds when you are experiencing so much pain. Do not take his calls and do not call him either. Just let him know directly once that it is over and he has lost you.

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