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Load shedding resumes now that elections are gone

Zimbabweans believe that constant supply of electricity prior to the August 2023 elections was meant as a campaign strategy since load shedding is now a menace.

Daily, urban dwellers are complaining about incessant power cuts and believe that government was not being sincere that they had solved Zimbabwe’s power crisis when Hwange 7 and 8 were commissioned.

The development was supposed to keep the country with a steady supply of electricity but this has, unfortunately, according to citizens, not been the case.

“Wish we had elections every month. Now every morning we wake up to no electricity as load shedding hits. It is what it is,” a frustrated Zimbabwean shared on X.

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Some even complained that the load shedding pattern is so random and Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority has not been notifying people.

Bertha Mwonzora@Berthamwonzora

It’s electricity in Zim and SA for me🙄
But zesa can’t even come up with a website/ notification system to schedule the load shedding it’s guess work whether you’ll have electricity or nah. Is it going to be out for 2 hours or 2 days? That’s for them to know and you to find out🤣

Hon Engineer Musiyiwa@musiyiwa100

What happened to the water levels in Kariba or did we switch of phase 3 pa hwange apa because Zesa is F**ing us up a few weeks jus after election is Zesa trying to subbotage Vane vayo


Why There Is Load Shedding

The Zambezi River Authority (ZRA), which manages Kariba Dam and Zambezi River waters says we got less than expected inflows this past rainfall season. As a result, the authority slashed water allocation for power generation by a whopping 25%.


With the 2022/23 rainfall season having effectively ended in April, the Kariba catchment is no longer experiencing any rainfall activities.

As per normal trend following the end of a rainfall season, flows of the Zambezi River and its tributaries are now receding and this downward trend is expected to continue until the commencement of the next rainfall season (2023/24 rainfall season).

As quoted by Business Times


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