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Garden boy stuck on employer’s wife during tlof tlof

In an unexpected turn of events, a peculiar situation unfolded when a gardener stuck to his employer’s wife’s honeypot while having tlof tlof in the garage, as a result of African magic.

Unbeknownst to the woman, her husband had sought the assistance of a well-known traditional healer named Sekuru Nyamasvisva, specifically requesting a spell to be cast upon his wife’s honeypot.

Desperate Measures: Husband Turns to African Magic

The man said he turned to African magic as a last resort after he discovered suspicious messages on his wife’s phone but lacked concrete evidence that she was having an extramarital affair. He said the wife had dismissed his accusations as senseless jealousy.

The garden boy and the boss’s wife were caught having tlof tlof by the boss’s younger brother. When the boss was away working in Hwedza, the garden boy and the boss’s wife took advantage of the situation and secretly had tlof tlof in the garage, thinking they wouldn’t be caught as usual

However, their luck ran out when they found themselves physically stuck together, leading to an embarrassing situation that was filmed and shared on social media.

The boss’s younger brother, unable to get the garden boy’s attention by calling out to him, had to climb over the durawall to gain entry. He then discovered the garden boy stuck to his brother’s wife in the garage.

In response to the incident, the husband expressed his intention to visit Sekuru Nyamasvisva in Chinhoyi with the hope of finding a solution to separate the garden boy and his wife. Once they were no longer physically entangled, he vowed to address the issue accordingly

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