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Fears Of A Mermaid In Chitungwiza As Two Pupils Drown

Two students drowned while swimming in The Hunyani River Near Manyame Park in Chitungwiza sending the community into panic as some believe this is the work of a mermaid.

The Grade 5 and Form 3 students were accompanied by another student who was fortunate enough to be rescued by a woman doing her laundry on the riverbank.

According to Harare provincial deputy police spokesperson, Inspector Webster Dzvova, the bodies of the two students were retrieved from the river.

He urged parents and guardians to warn children about the dangers of swimming in rivers and shallow pits.

The bodies were taken to Chitungwiza Central Hospital Mortuary, where a post-mortem examination.

Inspector Webster Dzvova said,

“Police confirm the death of two children who drowned in Hunyani River. The bodies were taken to Chitungwiza Central Hospital Mortuary awaiting a post-mortem.

“The now deceased were reported to have gone to the river from school,” he said

Mermaid Beliefs and Previous Incidents

The incident has sparked speculation among locals, with some attributing the drownings to the presence of mermaids in the Hunyani River.

A resident of Manyame Park claimed that this was the second time children had drowned while swimming at the same spot, and that a woman conducting rituals had disappeared in the area two weeks prior.

“There are mermaids in Hunyani River. This is the second time children have drowned while swimming at the same spot.

“Two weeks ago, a woman believed to have been conducting rituals disappeared in the same area.”

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