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Tshabangu Seeks to Prohibit Recalled MPs from Campaigning under CCC Banner

Sengezo Tshabangu, self-proclaimed Secretary General of the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), has filed an urgent chamber application to prevent all recalled lawmakers from campaigning or participating under the party’s banner. This move follows his recent recall of 13 MPs and five senators, coming on the heels of a previous recall of 15 lawmakers in October. These recalled individuals are set to contest parliamentary seats in the December 9 by-elections.

Tshabangu’s legal representative, Lewis Uriri, explained that this step was a logical response to the High Court judge Munamato Mutevedzi’s earlier ruling, which upheld the recalls. Mutevedzi had dismissed the lawmakers’ appeal, stating that they were improperly before the court.

Uriri highlighted the apparent absurdity of recalled members filing nomination papers under the CCC, the same party that had recalled them. He argued that since the party didn’t endorse their nominations, they were improperly nominated, and the application seeks to have them removed from the valid nomination list, preventing their inclusion on the ballot.

Simultaneously, the court was expected to address the ongoing dispute over Tshabangu’s authority within the CCC. High Court judge Justice Tawanda Chitapi had previously issued an interim order halting further recalls by the opposition party until the main matter could be heard. However, due to a delay in filing papers by both parties, the hearing was rescheduled for the upcoming Tuesday.

In this intricate political and legal battle, the CCC, represented by Obey Shava, continues to contest Tshabangu’s actions and authority within the party. The legal proceedings underscore the complexities surrounding internal disputes and the implications they carry for the upcoming by-elections.

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