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Beautiful air hostess quits job to join Malindi cult where she died fasting to meet Jesus

Betty, a former air hostess, reportedly surprised her friends and coworkers by quitting her job and selling all of her things in order to contribute the proceeds to Pastor Paul Mackenzie, the head of a Malindi cult.

Betty was later found to have joined the Good News International Church, a religious organisation led by Mackenzie, in Shakahola woodland, Kilifi County.

Betty’s Journey from Successful Air Hostess to Malindi Cult Church Member

Betty’s friends and colleagues were shocked to learn that she had given up her successful career as an air hostess and sold her land to donate all her money to Pastor Paul Mackenzie. It was later discovered that she had joined his cult church in Malindi.

The Tragic Events Leading Up to Betty’s Disappearance

Reports indicate that Betty flew into Kenya after her son, Jason, allegedly passed away while she was in Qatar. She then sold her belongings and booked a one-way flight to Malindi, where she disappeared.

Malindi Cult Church and the Horrifying Discovery of 47 Bodies

Betty’s tragic story took an even more gruesome turn when police in Shakahola forest discovered 47 bodies near the Good News International Church led by Pastor Paul Mackenzie. Children were among the dead, and police are continuing to exhume more bodies. Mackenzie is in custody and awaiting a court appearance.

The discovery of the bodies has left many wondering how such a tragedy could happen in modern times. The cult church has been operating in secret for years, luring unsuspecting members with the promise of meeting Jesus. Betty’s story serves as a warning to others about the dangers of blindly following charismatic leaders without doing proper research.

Betty’s Whereabouts

Latest news report Betty to be still missing. Her body is thought to be amongst the dozens which have so far been recovered by police at a mass grave.

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