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Moses Tembe has ‘strong evidence’ of AKA pushing Anele to her death

Moses Tembe, the father of the late Anele Tembe, revealed that their family had “strong evidence” suggesting that she had not taken her own life while in the company of her fiance AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes.

The shocking revelation was made in Melinda Ferguson’s book When Love Kills: The Tragic Tale of AKA and Anele.

The book comes amid an inquest for the 22-year-old woman who fell off the tenth floor of the Pepperclub Hotel on 11 April 2021. It also coincides with charges of murder against seven men accused of murdering AKA in an “assassination” on 10 February 2023.

According to Moses Tembe’s account in When Love Kills, on the eve of his daughter’s funeral, he received a preliminary police report relating to her death.

He said: “I got the reports that gave me the full evidence of what had really happened on the night before my daughter’s funeral.

“Look, it was 99% sure that Anele did not kill herself”

The Durban businessman would go on to deny that Anele was suicidal and that substance abuse was possibly at play in a letter read out at her funeral, reported the Sowetan.

In a leaked letter to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), the Tembe family documented the “evidence” that they believed AKA had “pushed” Anele off the balcony. The letter was sent two weeks after the NPA informed the family in June 2022 that they would not be prosecuting anyone in the death of Anele Tembe, namely AKA.

According to the Citizen, the letter had damning accusations against AKA and his alleged involvement in Anele’s death.

This included included reports of:

  • Blood in the Pepperclub Hotell room and on clothing, and scratches on AKA’s back, indicating a violent altercation between the couple.
  • The said blood was found on towels, alluding that AKA had “cleaned up” after Anele’s fall
  • There was no fingerprint evidence on the balcony, which Anele was reported to have climbed over.
  • Forensic evidence that Anele landed a distance away from the hotel, indicating that she had been pushed and not jumped

Sharing his “theory” in the book, Moses Tembe said: “I believe Anele ended the relationship with him….Controlling men can’t handle women who stand up to them”.


After AKA’s murder in 2023, Moses Tembe had his IT team investigate the origins of social media rumours that painted him as the mastermind of the rapper’s death.

Moses claims that there was an “orchestrated operation” with “a lot of money behind it” in place to “divert attention away from the real killers and onto me.”

Amid the speculation, the Tembe family issued a statement condemning those who made such allegations.

He also claimed that the Tembe family did not harbour any bad intentions towards AKA.

He continued: “If any family wanted Kiernan Forbes alive, it was the Tembes. We wanted a live Kiernan to face what he had done.  I had no reason to see him dead. Believe me, given the evidence that we have, we wanted Kiernan very much alive”.

AKA, kiernan forbes, moses tembe, anele tembe
Moses Tembe’s comments in an interview have triggered fans of AKA. Images via Instagram: @nelli_tembe/ @akaworldwide


Moses Tembe claimed he never confronted AKA or Kiernan Forbes on the “evidence” at his disposal. Speaking to the SABC last month, the husband and father claimed the family was waiting on an inquest on Anele’s death to give them “closure.”

Speaking to Melinda Ferguson, he said: “The universe is so balanced that there will be an execution of justice that takes care of you.

“When you become vengeful, you flop yourself to that person’s level. God is an avenger of note”.

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