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Robbers pounce on Tafara 2 High School, steal US$12k donated by Scott Sakupwanya

In a brazen and audacious heist, a group of 11 armed robbers launched a daring attack on Tafara 2 High School.

Motive Revealed: Robbers Specifically Target US$12,000 School Donation
The daring robbers strategically targeted Tafara 2 High School on Wednesday, reportedly motivated by the knowledge of a substantial donation of US$12,000 pledged by local legislator Pedzisayi Scott Sakupwanya. He donated the money during his recent birthday celebration.

The suspects seized the opportunity to strike at the educational institution, unleashing a terrifying ordeal on the guards, staff, and premises. The robbers seized a substantial amount of cash and a vehicle with a combined value exceeding US$15,000.

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Terrifying Ordeal: Guards, Staff, and Premises Subjected to Violent Robbery
According to ZimLive, the gang descended upon the school, bypassing security measures by scaling over the perimeter wall. Armed with an array of weapons including bolt cutters, iron bars, chisels, machetes, and a knife, they swiftly overpowered and subdued two security guards.

Forcing the guards to march towards the administration block, the criminals then forced them to lie down. Subsequently, the armed robbers broke into the building and stole laptops when their efforts to crack open the Chubb safe proved unsuccessful.

Undeterred by their failure to obtain money from the school’s offices, five members of the gang ventured into the staff quarters. Inside, they seized US$4,500 from a teacher and an additional US$1,500 from another staff member who resided on the premises.

The perpetrators subjected several male occupants to humiliation by forcing them to disrobe before confining them in a single room. They proceeded to search through the staff quarters, ransacking personal belongings in the process.

Ransacking and Escape: Robbers Loot Cash, Property, and Flee the Scene
Prior to their escape, the assailants also stole cell phones from the complainants. Utilizing a teacher’s Toyota Belta, they made their getaway from the scene of the crime.

As a result of the harrowing incident, the school was closed to allow the police to conduct preliminary investigations into the matter. The authorities are diligently working to gather evidence and identify the perpetrators responsible for this audacious act of crime.

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