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Man loses cash after tlof tlof with two women

A Harare man is regretting ever accepting to hook up with two women for a threesome after they robbed him of his cash.

The unsuspecting man, only identified as Tafadzwa was lured by a woman identified as Sasha to pay US$5 for the adventure.

He was then introduced to her accomplice named Mitchel and he agreed to pay US$10 fr both of them.

They booked a room at number 2 Gail Court in the avenues area where they were charged US$10 for a session by a man named Sniper.

He successfully had intercourse with the two, however, things turned for the worse when the two turned on him demanding more money.

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They then snatched his wallet containing US$500 dollars before fleeing the scene.

A witness called the police leading to the two’s arrest at Roadport Police Base where Tafdzwa recovered some of his money.

“I regret falling for these ladies”, Tafadzwa told H Metro.

“I could not let them escape since it was a lot and belonged to my grandmother.

“I collected it from family members and I was supposed to give it to my grandmother.

“Takwairirana $5 zvikanzi threesome unoiziya here, wedzera tiite neumwe wangu. Ipapo ndipo pandaka bwaira.,”

“I managed to recover $340 when police arrested them,” Tafadwa said.

Sasha and Mitchel refused to entertain the press. The two were released after Tafdzwa refused to press formal charges.



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