AKA’s ‘mistress’ Queen Lolly slapped with legal action for talking too much

The Megacy learned over the weekend that the Supa Mega, as AKA was referred to by his horde of fans, was allegedly involved with Queen Lolly while dating Nadia Nakai.

Nomfundo Shezi, aka Queen Lolly, has gained notoriety for talking about her alleged liaisons with well-known South African figures.

Due to her no-holds-barred style, her appearances on the Omakhwapheni Podcast have left listeners in awe.

Queen Lolly seems to have overreached in her most recent appearance, which was moderated by controversial celebrity gossip columnist Musa Khawula.

While she was criticised for spilling the tea about her alleged intimate relationship with the late rapper AKA, another person mentioned by Queen Lolly in the latest episode of the Omakhwapheni Podcast felt she had crossed the line and had to be kept in check.

In the same episode in which she claimed to have been AKA’s side dish, Queen Lolly also revealed she had been intimate with Musa Mseleku Junior and even bought the receipts to prove it. Queen Lolly played audio of her and Mseleku Jnr having relations.

Queen Lolly gave the impression that she was intimate with Mseleku Snr when in fact, it was his son.

In a letter sent by lawyers on behalf of Musa Mseleku Snr and his son, Queen Lolly has been ordered to desist from mentioning the Mselekus or face legal action. Below is part of the letter:

3. We are instructed, for the purposes of this correspondence, to record the following:

3.1. During the SideChicks interview with yourself, the host of SideChicks Mr Musa Khawula (“Mr Khawula”) asked yourself when you started seeing Mr Mseleku Jnr.

3.2. You responded that you were just friends and that you had met each other at a party that you hosted at your house.

3.3. You thereafter proceeded to play an audio recording of yourself and Mr Mseleku Jnr. engaging in sexual activities from your phone.

3.4. You confirmed that the audio recording was obtained from your CCTV cameras in your home confirming that you recorded yourself and Mr Mseleku Jnr. engaging in sexual activities without his consent and/or knowledge.

3.5. Your constant reference to Mr Mseleku Jnr. as “Musa Mseleku” has created the impression that you were engaging in sexual activities with our client’s father, Mr Mseleku Snr. who shares his name and is a prominent
business entrepreneur and reality star.

3.6. At the time of writing this correspondence, the SideChicks YouTube video has been viewed 18 339 times since it was published on 24 February 2023.

3.7. The impression that you and Mr Mseleku have been engaging in sexual conduct has become widespread and is now trending on other social media platforms such as Twitter.

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