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Bill Gate’s Daughter Phoebe And Boyfriend Robert Ross Go Viral

It’s Black History Month, and as folks all over the globe are celebrating black people who have impacted the lives of others, Bill Gates‘ 21-year-old daughter Phoebe Gates chose to celebrate her handsome tall black boyfriend, Robert Ross. And for the first time, black Twitter is happy for a black man and white woman relationship.

Yes, Phoebe and her boyfriend Robert are going viral than actual blacks who have fought and achieved something for blacks all over the world. Robert has done well for himself by getting into such an enviable relationship, but why are we celebrating them during black history month?

Well, we are celebrating him because Phoebe is the heir to his father’s billions of dollars, and if Robert keeps his end of the bargain and marries Phoebe, he will automatically become the richest black man alive. And trust me, that is a feast that deserves to be celebrated way before it is achieved.

Robert and Phoebe have been dating for the past two years, and according to reports, they are more in love than they used to be. Rumors say the two Stanford university students are preparing to tie the knot soon.

Via Media Take Out;

Billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ daughter Phoebe Gates is getting pretty serious with her African American boyfriend. So serious that the are rumors that the couple may be getting married.

The 21-year-old, who is the daughter of billionaire Bill Gates and his ex-wife, Melinda French Gates, has been dating her boyfriend Robert Ross for the past two years, and it look like they are pretty serious.

Some are even speculating that if Robert continues to play his cards right … marriage between the two seems inevitable.

Phoebe is a student at Stanford University. She will get her degree in 2025. She went to The School of American Ballet and the Julliard School to learn ballet, and she also helped with some of her parents’ charity projects to help poor people in developing countries live better lives.

Phoebe, as heir to Bill Gates, has a reported net worth of about 75 billion. If she and Robert were to ever get married, he would immediately become the wealthiest Black person on the planet.

Folks all over Black Twitter are congratulating Robert for the accomplishment on landing Phoebe.

So what do we know about Robert? Well he’s also a student at Stanford University. The tall and handsome young men seems to have a ton of friends – most of them male. And well … he’s got our Spidey senses tingling.

He was also a professional dancer when he was younger:

Suddenly, black women are not mad about black men choosing white women over them. They all seem pretty happy about the yet-to-be-union, interesting!

Here is a clip of Phoebe Gates and her black man Robert Ross all over each other:




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