“IT TAKES A LOT for someone to kill themself”; Prince Kaybee mourns suicidal Zimbabwean influencer

Famous South African DJ Prince Kaybee has taken to social media to express his sorrow over the suicide of a Zimbabwean Twitter influencer.

Numerous people have been affected by the death of the Zimbabwean Twitter influencer Takudzwa Makura.

Takudzwa recently committed suicide after pleading for help on Twitter.

Prince Kaybee Mourns Tragic Death Of Zimbabwean Influencer Who Cried Out For Help On Twitter Before Ending It All
Takudzwa (Image Credit: Twitter@takue_makura)

Before ending it all, Takudzwa penned a farewell tweet on his Twitter account.

“This user is tired 😐😐
Maybe lemme try someplace new, goodbye mother Earth🌎

Moments later it was confirmed that he committed suicide as messages of condolences trickled in on social media.

His death also touched Prince Kaybee who took to social media to mourn his sudden death. Taking to his Twitter account, Prince Kaybee sent his condolence message as he slammed those who were claiming that the now deceased took his own life because he is a coward.

I’ve always thought taking your life is an indication that your sanity is being held hostage by what you going through and you need to negotiate your sanity out of captivity and it’s not easy. IT TAKES A LOT for someone to kill themself, it’s not coward behaviour. RIP man❤️

Twitter Influencer’s Death Sparks Mental Health Conversation on Twitter 

Takudzwa’s death has sparked mental health conversations on social media.

Here are some of the reactions;


So sad man, most of us are just hanging on by a needle thread hoping that one day things are gonna turn around for the better but hey don’t, it sometimes gets to a point whereby even talking about it doesn’t help but we keep on keeping at it. May this man’s soul find peace. 🕊


Around this time last year I was battling through exactly this… I was ready for everything except my siblings’ hurt, one of them found his way to me and stayed with me until healing came. 💔 hope Takudzwa has found peace and rests 🕊️


Not coward behaviour indeed ☹️a feeling beyond sadness and stress….it takes over your mind and body
The cloud of suicide keeps on growing 💔


Sometimes the idea of dying is more comforting and peaceful that the idea of waking up everyday coz life is too loud and its hard to open up to everyone coz you feel like they dont understand but guess what we all do we have just found something to hold on to


Suicide is for cowards not the other way around. Be brave and face your challenges with a stone heart taking your own life is never an option. I will never respect anyone who takes their own life because it does not hurt them but the people they leave behind


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