Suspicions over Andile Ncube’s wierd compliments on Dr Musa’s wife

Media personality Andile Ncube comes under fire for what tweeps have dubbed as a backhanded compliment to his friend, Dr Musa Mthombeni. Following Ncube’s tweet for commenting on Dr Musa’s wife Liesl Mthombeni, tweeps have collectively joined hands to breath fire down Ncube’s neck.

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Evidently, Andile Ncube and Dr Musa Mthombeni are friends and they usually interact on social media very awkwardly, which sometimes usually send bad signal to their followers and tweeps at large. However, what has become apparent is how Ncube’s banters to Dr Musa are always around his wife, Liesl Mthombeni.

Ncube’s recent tweet was no different from all his previous banter tweets where he always make Dr Musa’s wife a subject of his conversations. Unknowingly, Ncube has landed himself in hot water after he yet again brought up Liesl Mthombeni’s name in a tweet that was directed to his friend, Dr Musa.

“Since we are looking into Doctors right now someone please put a microscope on that Musa guy, khona okushaya amanzi lapha. How the hell did he get that girl ?!?” wrote Andile Ncube

Scores of tweeps did not take light to Ncube’s occurrence of banter tweets that always centers around Liesl Mthombeni. In their number, tweeps did not beat around the bush to let Ncube knows what time it was. As they proceeded to call him out as an awkward and jealous friend, who wishes to have what Dr Musa have in reference to Liesl Mthombeni.

“Andile Ncube and his “banter” with Dr Musa is always one sided and always about questioning how he got his wife. I know they’re friends I promise angikho strict, it’s just getting weird” wrote Kim Khandashisa

“Its a joke between friends right, but why are your jokes always about your disbelief that Musa is married to Liesl? It’s like… Mhmmmm….” wrote Ms Rebrand

Even the controversial Nota Baloyi took to social media to lambast Andile Ncube following his obviously cringeworthy tweet that has since rubbed a handful of tweeps the wrong way.

“Dr Musa mustn’t trust Andile Ncube around his wife.” wrote Chris Excel

Even Dr Musa jokingly responded to Andile Ncube’s tweet, seemingly after the dust has settled where tweeps have already gave Ncube the piece of their minds

“Andile, my brother! Don’t do this! I’m honestly just a sweet and innocent young man from the Vaal. I mean no harm. I do no harm. I’m just a nice guy.” wrote Dr Musa Mthombeni


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