Pinky Girl to compete with Bonang in reality TV show of her own

REALITY TV star and DJ Pinky Girl is moving out of her cousin, Bonang Matheba’s shadow.

She’s starting her reality TV show called The Pink Star on YouTube.

Pinky Girl, whose real name is Tebogo Mekgwe gained fame from starring in Bonang‘s reality TV show, Being Bonang, and now she will show her own life on her show.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Pinky Girl said she’s always wanted to start her show.

“I’ve been meaning to start the channel, but my mind has been all over the place. I didn’t know how to start. Fortunately, I have found a wonderful team that encouraged me to start because they believe I have so much to give.

Pinky Girl2

“Most people think I’m funny, and there seems to be drama here and there, and it needs to be captured. Plus, since I received my stardom on a reality TV show, I thought, why not do it again?” Pinky said.

She said her show would cover every aspect of her life.

“My channel is all about me, my daily life, travelling, my career, and my love for music, partying and beauty. My family and friends will also feature on the show, and there will also be the businesses I’ll be collaborating with,” she said.

Pinky Girl said she’s not competing with anyone; she’s just sharing her life with her fans.

“I’ve been in the entertainment industry since 2016. At the time, I didn’t know what I was doing. I was just told I was going to be on TV, and here I am now. So far, I’ve learnt that there’s so much hatred, jealousy and discouragement, and you just have to be strong.

“This is not about competition but doing something I love. I’m doing me. There will be a lot of story times where I’ll touch on things happening around me and even address gossip. Now it’s time you get your facts right and get to know me better,” she said.

The Pink Star premieres in the first week of May.

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