Inno Morolong reportedly assaults woman with a bottle on the head {Video}

Inno Morolong allegedly assaulted a woman named Olwethu Magudumana at Maracana Club in the early hours of Monday, 22 May.

Various social media gossip accounts, including Maphephandaba, confirmed the hideous incident.

Inno is famously known to be involved in all sorts of drama and disputes, hence it was quite easy for social media users to believe the new report.

Olwethu claims she wasn’t involved in a fight with the influencer.

“And she was like we mustn’t f**ken record her lapho mina my phone was off. She took a bottle and hit me. After that idk [I don’t know] where she went [to],” Olwethu wrote.

The lady She shared a graphic video of her face and body in blood.

Click here to watch the video.



Inno is best known as an influencer for her rants on social media and her beef with her ex-friend and actress, Tebogo Thobejane.

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Last year, she was accused of pimping or trafficking young girls to rich, old men. She was also accused of brutally assaulting a friend in a bloody fight in the club.

According to murder-accused celebrity blogger Musa Khawula, Inno and her friends were leaving a nightclub. They were proceeding to her hotel room when one of her friends reportedly refused to tag along and was beaten by the reality TV star as a result.


Earlier this month, Tebogo Thobejane told Sunday World that she has relocated to Germany following a barrage of death threats from her former bestie, Inno.

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The mom-of-one (a former Muvhango actress) told the publication that she has had to take her son out of his school due to safety concerns. This is after Inno took to social media to post naked pictures of Tebogo and shared the former Diep City actress’s phone number and her son’s residential address in January this year.

“I had to move in with my sister for three weeks in Berlin [Germany] after I received a call saying ‘I am going to fucken kill you. You have done too much. I am going to kill you’”.

Tebogo said she opened a defamation case at the Douglasdale police station and filed a protection order at the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court.

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