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Mozambique Police Arrest Two South African Kidnappers

The Mozambican police have detained two South African nationals in Maputo, who are accused of attempting to kidnap a businessman of Asian origin on Wednesday morning.

According to a report in Thursday’s issue of the independent daily “O Pais”, the two South Africans were part of a gang of five members. The other three are still at large.

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The five men attempted to seize the businessman at his shop on Karl Marx Avenue in central Maputo, but the kidnapping went wrong when local people reacted angrily to the criminals. Police then appeared on the scene and arrested two of the gang.

“We caught them red-handed when the individuals were trying to kidnap a Mozambican of Asian origin”, police spokesperson Leonel Muchina told reporters. “The situation happened when the victim was going to his place of work, and one of the accused tried to drag him to their vehicle which the criminals had parked nearby to make their getaway”.

The two men detained deny the accusations and say they were on the street merely waiting for an acquaintance.

The police say they are now working to neutralize the other three members of the gang.-AIM


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