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Woman loses US$22k in bogus UK sponsorship for care work deal

A Harare woman’s ambition for a better life for her siblings has turned into a nightmare when she wasted a whopping US$22 000 while seeking to get Certificates of Sponsorship (COSs) for their transfer to the United Kingdom.

According to H-Metro, the woman, Olivia Mugugu, was directed to the accused fraudster, Nyasha Mandeya, by a friend, who inadvertently led her down a perilous path.

The court heard that Mugugu sought a certificate of sponsorship to assist her siblings in finding employment in the UK’s care sector.

Mugugu approached Mandeya after being referred by her friend, who claimed that Mandeya’s brother owned a care company actively seeking employees.

“She advised Mugugu that she was able to process all the relevant documents for them to get employed by the company,” revealed the court proceedings.

Mandeya demanded a staggering US$8,000 per person to initiate the process and obtain the certificate of sponsorship along with other relevant documents.

In a bid to fulfil her siblings’ dreams of a better future, Mugugu paid a total of US$19 500 for the three individuals.

Unbeknownst to Mugugu, this was just the beginning of her ordeal.

Mandeya further coerced her into making an additional payment of US$3,300, citing a remaining balance of US$1,320.

After the payments were made, Mandeya assured them that their documents would be processed.

However, in August, Mugugu received an email from the United Kingdom visa decision-making centre.

The email revealed the grim truth—the Certificates of Sponsorship provided by Mandeya were fraudulent, and their visa applications had been summarily rejected.

Mugugu conducted further investigations and discovered that Mandeya had deceived her. The care company supposedly owned by Mandeya’s brother did not even exist. Realizing the gravity of the fraud, Mugugu demanded her money back, but Mandeya became evasive.

Left with no other recourse, Mugugu filed a police report, hoping that justice would be served, and she could reclaim her lost funds.

The devastating tale of Mugugu serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that lurk in the pursuit of greener pastures. The allure of a better life and promising opportunities can blind individuals to the risks involved. It is crucial for aspiring migrants to exercise caution, conduct thorough research, and seek legitimate channels for pursuing their dreams.

As this case unfolds, law enforcement agencies must diligently investigate and bring the perpetrators of this heartless scam to justice. Society must remain vigilant and work collectively to protect vulnerable individuals from falling victim to such fraudulent schemes, ensuring that dreams of a better future are not met with shattered hopes and financial ruin.

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