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Man sets wife on fire in property dispute

Tragedy struck in Domboshava when a man deliberately set his wife on fire in a dispute over property following their divorce.

Ashley Kabaya (29) from Zimbiru village under Chief Chinhamhora is facing murder charges after he set his estranged wife, Sphiwe Jenyure, on fire during a heated dispute over the division of marital property.

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The incident occurred on April 15, when Kabaya and his wife, Sphiwe Jenyure, were sharing their belongings in a room as they finalized their divorce.

According to New Zimbabwe, during the property sharing, Kabaya reportedly locked the door from the inside and attacked Jenyure with a golf stick. As if that wasn’t enough, he proceeded to douse her body with a mixture of cobra venom and paraffin before setting her ablaze.

As the flames engulfed Jenyure, she bravely fought back, grabbing Kabaya in the process, causing both of them to catch fire.

The distressing commotion caught the attention of a passer-by named Zulu Digital, who heard Jenyure’s cries for help. Digital swiftly intervened, opening the door and attempting to extinguish the flames with the assistance of other community members who had gathered at the scene.

Both victims were immediately rushed to Makumbe Hospital in Domboshava for emergency treatment. However, due to the severity of their burns, they were later transferred to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals for specialized care.

Tragically, Sphiwe Jenyure succumbed to her injuries on April 17 at Parirenyatwa Hospital. A postmortem examination is yet to be conducted to determine the exact cause of her death.

Meanwhile, Ashley Kabaya, who is currently recovering from his burns at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals, is now facing murder charges for his alleged actions. During a court hearing, Harare Magistrate Dennis Mangosi advised Kabaya to seek bail through the High Court.

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