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Wicknell Chivayo’s road to becoming a billionaire: Current bank balance will astound you

Vibrant Zimbabwean businessman Wicknell Chivayo has revealed his true net worth and the distance he still needs to cover to accomplish his billionaire ambitions.

In reaction to an opinion article that questioned his likelihood of becoming a billionaire, Chivayo disclosed the amount of money in his bank account on Thursday.

He stated his steadfast confidence that he is meant to become a millionaire during an interview with Tinashe Chikuse and Phathisani Sibanda on Capitalk FM’s Champions League Breakfast Show. Passionate about his religion, Chivayo revealed that a prophet in Johane Masowe Nguwo Chena’s group had predicted his future prosperity.

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He talked about how committed he was to this goal, even going so far as to spend three nights on top of a mountain sleeping in the dirt. Chivayo said he was counseled not to undervalue his talent of giving, which is why he has been giving vehicles as gifts to both the nation’s musicians and members of his church.

“I was told that I will be a billionaire, ndikaudzwa kunzi endai munorara mugomo kwaMurehwa, ndikanorara pasi because I want to be a billionaire. And I was told again not to dump my gift to help Christians, so handiregere, but handizoterere mukadzi asinganzwisise my vision. But, now she is grown up, she is no longer worried much plus I bought her father a brand new car. She really has nothing to complain about, I buy her any car she wants,” Wicknell said.

Wicknell Chivayo Reveals Current Bank Balance

H-Metro wrote an opinion article on whether Chivayo would become a billionaire as was prophesied. After the publication shared the article on Instagram, Wicknell Chivayo took to the comments section and revealed his current bank balance.

According to Chivayo, he currently has $100 million, and he estimates that it will take him approximately nine years, or possibly less, to reach the billionaire mark. He encouraged Instagram users to take note of his declaration for future reference.

“Sekai henyu asi Mwari wandino namata anondinzwa…🙏🙏🙏…I just need 9 years chete if not less saka ndinoti nyorai pasi muchapupura hukuru hwake Mwari wedu we makomo asinga shanduke…Ndakarara mugomo 3 days ndichi namata ndikanzi kubva nhasi wave billionaire zviri munzira mako saka so far ndine ka 100 hangu ndasara ne 900 slowly but surely I’ll get there. Zva Mwari zvinoda patience but ndino svika chete…🙏🙏🙏,” Wicknell Chivayo said.

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