Mai TT may not come out of prison soon as more charges pile up

The trial of jailed socialite Mai TT, real name Fellistas Murata, has faced a false start as the proceedings were postponed to September 29, 2023.

The delay occurred because the State’s key witness recently gave birth and was unable to attend court.

Mai TT stands accused of swindling a Harare businesswoman of US$10,000.

If she is convicted in this case, the likelihood of her facing an extended period of imprisonment becomes a reality.

Mai TT is currently at Chikurubi Female Prison after she was found guilty of theft of trust property.

The court heard that Mai TT surrendered a hired car as surety to a loan shark and later substituted an invalid passport as collateral.

She was sentenced to 12 months in prison for the theft of trust property. However, six months of the sentence were suspended on the condition that she avoids engaging in a similar offense within the next five years.

As a result, she will effectively serve six months behind bars for the committed crime.

During the trial at the Harare Magistrates Court, it was revealed that she had previously failed to comply with a court order to fulfill community service obligations.

This non-compliance stemmed from a conviction of assault in 2015. As a consequence, she was subsequently sentenced to three months in prison.

Leaked Audio Exposes Mai TT Threatening Fellow Chikurubi Female Prison Inmatesf leaked recordings are to be believed, Mai TT’s chances of early release due to good behavior appear slim.

Even while incarcerated, she remains true to herself, defying the limitations of her surroundings. Her resilience shines through, as captured on tape.




In the audio that was circulating on social media recently, Mai TT’s trademark behaviour shines through as she raises her voice at fellow inmates, reminiscent of her behaviour in the outside world.

Mai TT said,



“Murikundiseka. Apa chirikusekesa chii apa? No, no, no. Wait. Let me warn you. Zvekuti ndakaita sei ka hazvina basa. Murikundiseka? So you think I am just crazy? Are you laughing at me?,” Mai TT’s voice echoes in the leaked audio, reprimanding her fellow inmates


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