Gomora actress Ama Qamata is not a teenager, age revealed on her birthday

Former Gomora actress Ama Qamata’s age was revealed on her birthday.

Ama Qamata was one of the most promising stars on Gomora, and she lived up to the expectations.

Ama Qamata played the role of Buhle, a young schoolgirl in her late teens.

Her role in Gomora made many fans imagine that she was a young lady in her teens.

Indeed, they were all wrong and misled by Ama’s ability to execute a role some years younger than her age.

Surprisingly, Ama is well in her mid-twenties and celebrated her birthday like never before.

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The talented actress is a private person with few words and did not say much on her birthday.

She only shared a few emojis with a cake and stars, leaving fans with much to say.

On her birthday, some top celebs like Katlego Danke wished her birthday.

“Happy birthday, gorgeous girl! You deserve all of the very best in life. Blessings to you 🎂🥳💐❤️may you see many many more. Lots of love to you 😘”

Ama Qamata. image via Instagram @amaqamata
Ama Qamata. image via Instagram @amaqamata

On Gomora, Buhle was Thathie’s daughter, and she played a vital role in some of the show’s best scenes.

Ama Qamata was born on 2 September 1998 and was celebrating her twenty-fifth birthday.

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The talented actress was born and bred in the Eastern Cape village of Cala in the Sakhisizwe Local Municipality, where she developed a love for acting.

She developed her acting skills at school, Reddam House Bedfordview, before she enrolled at the University of Cape Town.

There, she polished her talent for acting, doing a degree in Theatre and Performance before she withdrew in the second year.


After the former Gomora star Ama Qamata’s age was revealed on her birthday, many fans wished her well and celebrated with her.

“Ama. 🥹😍🥰 Happy Birthday my beauty. 🥳🫶🏾 Love you tons! Blessings. 💕”

“😍😍😍 Happy birthday to you I wish you many more to come enjoy your life more blessings more happiness”

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“My 🔥favourite actress❤️❤️ looking beautiful, happybirthday wishes ❤ from Kenya”

“@amaqamata Happy birthday more years to come so we can’t wait for blood and water season 4”

“Happy birthday Ama im a big fan…I wish you an amazing year ahead keep smiling and shining …age will grace❤️❤️”

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