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Masvingo declares no drinking Kambucha between 9-5

The City of Masvingo has banned employees from drinking the popular Kambucha drink while at work.

In a leaked internal circular dated 21 September seen by this publication, Masvingo Town Clerk Engineer Edward Mukaratirwa says that the city has been dealing with the scourge of employees who are reporting for duty while under the influence.


Engineer Mukaratirwa said that employees have been drinking Kambucha under the pretence that it is medicinal. However, the City of Masvingo’s medical doctor has advised the council that Kambucha contains alcohol. It is against these findings that the City of Masvingo has banned the consumption of Kambucha during working hours with immediate effect. Any employee found drinking Kambucha or those that report for duty under the influence will be charged with misconduct in terms of the City of Masvingo Employment Code of Conduct.

We present the full statement released by the City of Masvingo’s Town Clerk as is below:

The above matter refers.

It has come to our attention that some Counc employees come to work whilst drunk due to consumption of alcohol and other intoxicating substances. It has also been noted that some employees are been consuming Kambucha drink during working hours in the guise that it Is medicinal. However, we are reliably and authoritatively advised by the Council’s Medical Doctor that the drink contains alcohol.

In light of the above, it is advised that the consumption of Kambucha drink during working hours be banned with immediate effect. Furthermore, employees are discouraged at all costs to report for duty whilst drunk, for such behaviours constitute acts of misconduct in terms of the City of Masvingo Employment Code of Conduct

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