Uzalo Actress Noxolo Spotted Selling Hot Dogs To Supplement Salary

Uzalo actress Noxolo Mathula gained attention after it was discovered that she makes her income by selling hotdogs at a taxi rank.

In order to supplement her acting wage, Noxolo, who portrays Lilly on the SABC 1 programme, started a side business selling hotdogs at taxi ranks. She reasoned that since she is already well-known, selling her hotdogs to large amounts of people would be simple.

Noxolo is not ashamed of selling hotdogs in public, even if people sometimes judge her for it. She told Daily Sun:

“I’m often asked why I am on the streets selling hot dogs while I am a TV star. People don’t understand that times are tough. I’m not selling hot dogs on the streets for fun, but it’s one of my side hustles. 

Noxolo added that her TV popularity helps her business grow. She said:

“I think it’s better to have this kind of side hustle when you are still relevant in the industry. People are still watching me on their TV screens.

“This works for my business because some of my customers come and buy hotdogs just to be close to me. Most of them even ask for selfies as buying from their celebrity is something big for them.

“So I’m happy with how much I make from this business. Imagine the judgment I would get if I was no longer relevant and I’m spotted selling on the streets. Hence I’m saying, it’s better to run our side hustles while we are still celebrated because our industry is unpredictable.”

Noxolo’s hotdog business grew so much that she had to start a company, Hotdogs By Noxolo, which is into catering.

The company is growing so much that it is now getting hired for big television productions.

Daily Sun alleges that in 2022, Noxolo’s company got a tender to cater for Durban Gen. However, she did not confirm this.

“I can’t reveal the name of the production but yes, we are growing and there’s a production I cater for.”

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