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Four S.A Girls Kill Zolani Lennox Slayco (17) For Breaking Their Gin Bottle

A 17-year-old South African boy, Zolani Lennox Slayco died after being stabbed with a bottle by four girls. The reason being he had broken their bottle of alcohol.

Liyema Mtoko, Akhona Ntamo and Minothando Linganii killed Zolani Lennox Slayco after he accidentally broke their bottle of Gin alcohol in Khayelitsha.

Four Girls S.A Girls Kill Zolani Lennox Slayco (17) For Breaking Their Gin Bottle
Zolani Lennox Slayco was stabbed to death with a bottle

Angry Kayelitsha residents are marching to Lingalethu SAPS demanding the arrest of the young girls.

It is alleged that Zolani Lennox Slayco was drinking with the ladies when he accidentally-Broke their Gin alcohol bottle.

The community alleges that the perpetrators have not yet been arrested. One community member said, “Suspects Liyema Mtoko, Akhona Ntamo, and Minothando Linganii were seen roaming the streets as if nothing had happened.”

Zolani Lennox Slayco Zolani Lennox Slayco Zolani Lennox Slayco

According to police minister Bheki Cele, alcohol contributes largely to many violent assault cases in the country.

He said the prevalence of violence in our communities was growing to “unacceptable proportions”.

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Though cases of assault had decreased by more than 9%, there were still more than 75,000 cases of common assault and assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm (GBH) opened with the police between January and March this year, TimesLive reports.

“In 2,855 incidents of assault GBH it was confirmed that alcohol was consumed either by the victim or the perpetrator or both.”

Of these, 2,047 incidents of assault GBH took place at a bar, a nightclub, a tavern or a shebeen.

“This doesn’t exclude alcohol being present in parks, beaches and other places of entertainment,” said Cele.

“Alcohol abuse is the albatross around one’s neck for us in the SAPS and certainly for the communities we serve,” Cele said.

“Again, communities can no longer afford to stand aside and look, they have to be part of the crime solution, by saying no to alcohol abuse.

“Some communities have more taverns as compared to any other establishment, in their area of residence, including churches and schools combined.

“You simply cannot expect those communities to have social stability, due to the oversupply of liquor.

“It is on this score that we call upon the alcohol industry to also be part of the solution and offer social responsibility programmes.”

Four Girls S.A Girls Kill Zolani Lennox Slayco (17) For Breaking Their Gin Bottle


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