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Headless body found dumped on street, head stashed in gift bag

Residents of Beacon Valley, Mitchell’s Plain, were left horrified following the discovery of a headless corpse in the early hours of Tuesday, 3 October 2023.

The body was found lying on the road, with its head placed in a gift bag on the victim’s chest.

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The details surrounding this ghastly incident remain unclear as local police continue their investigation.

This horrifying incident follows a similarly disturbing discovery made over a month ago, where a burnt-out body was found on a field in Alpine Road, Beacon Valley.

On the morning of 12 August 2023, residents passing the field were alerted by the smell of burnt flesh, leading to the gruesome discovery.

The Beacon Valley Neighborhood Watch was summoned to the scene just before 10:00, per Daily Voice.

Colin De Hart, the chairperson of the Beacon Valley Neighborhood Watch, mentioned that the body was so badly burnt, that it was challenging to determine the gender of the deceased.

However, police spokesperson Joseph Swartbooi later confirmed that it was a male’s body. The field, known for being a spot where individuals burn copper wires, became a scene of horror that morning.

Both gruesome incidents are the subject of an ongoing investigation and, at this time, no links have been established.

This is a developing story.

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