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Kenyans Furious Over Churchill Boys High School Bullying

Kenyans have expressed outrage at the bullying incident at Churchill Boys High school captured on video and are demanding justice and what school authorities have done to avoid a recurrence of the behaviour.

Ironically, calls to end the bullying is being done by people from Kenyans instead of Zimbabweans.

In a video on social media, the two boys were tied together with their school ties and forced to slap each other, with the unidentified bullies physically demonstrating how they should do it.

“Chimbopa mbama uyu,” one of the boys is instructed by one of the bullies to slap his friend.


Taking to social media, many Kenyans are super mad at why such behaviour is still taking place in this day and age.

One social media user David Toppa said;

“This will not end well ….. I’ll visit the school and ask what measures did they take coz my brothers can’t be bullied like that and non of us do anything to ensure our kids’ safety”

Flo Stanley
“Come on Churchill. Times have changed and this is not acceptable. I hope it has been reported. 😡”

Bev Gates
“This should be sent to all heads of school. Not acceptable.”

Morecroft Mandaraza
“Something must be done to end this act of bullying….”

Annah Chirombo Chiyando
“Do something please 🥺 mmm otherwise will not send our children to your school”

The bullying is believed to have been perpetrated by Cranbone High School pupils.

Mahlon Emmanuel
“Why is Cranbone boys harassing our kids?”

So far, the school has not issued a statement regarding the incident.

Churchill Boys High school has been embroiled in such cases before with senior students at the school reportedly having bullied junior students.

In December 2020 there was a bullying incident at the school and the headmaster Patson Mugwanda downplayed reports claiming that cyberbullying is rife at the school.

Police were called to the school for investigations after reports of a case of cyberbullying at the school involving Form 4 and U6 pupils.

Mugwanda claimed that there was nothing in the allegations as it is normal for outgoing pupils to misbehave at the end of the year. He said:

“We received a report of a Form 3 student who had a misunderstanding with another student and one of the three students involved recorded one of the pupils saying he was after the other student’s blood.

“The audio, upon reaching his parents, disturbed them and they took the matter to Rhodesville police station and two officers came and we discussed the matter. Upon thorough investigations, it turned out to be a hoax.”

Mugwanda added that the rumour started when the alleged victim, a big-bodied Taekwondo player, was making fun of challenging his seniors. He said:

“One of the alleged victim’s friend was the one who recorded the audio following a challenging statement reported to have been uttered by the alleged cyberbullying victim to a Form 4 student.

“The alleged victim is big-bodied and is a Taekwondo player so he was making fun of challenging his seniors and this is how it started.

“We involved our school disciplinary members and the alleged victim apologised for breaking rule number seven of the school rules that guide our students.”


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