Former VP Joyce Mujuru Praised For Doing “Honest Hard Work”

Former Zimbabwean Vice President Joyce Mujuru who served under the late President Robert Mugabe has been praised for retiring from politics and focusing on farming.

Mujuru’s last dance was the July 31 2018 presidential election, in which she polled sixth as the candidate for the People’s Rainbow Coalition.

Joyce Mujuru is focusing on rearing chicken and tobacco at Alamein Farm, also known as Ruzambo Farm in Beatrice.

Social media has been drawn to the former VP after a picture of her emerged while she was hard at work in dirty clothes.

This triggered one Lynnestactia to believe that she has now been dusted to political oblivion.

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A point that has since been quashed by some who believe that she is doing great by venturing into “honest, hard work”.

“Former VP Amai Joyce Teurai-Ropa Mujuru …. Aayas Shiri inozongofa”

Many social media users came to Mai Mujuru’s defence saying that the woman is making millions in farming.

Gerrard Anko Ged Belts@MacBelts

“Hapana kufa apa. She is being productive and moved full-time into farming. Kudos to her”

Rex Mhene@earthmover2017

“This woman is a millionaire. She does huku (chicken) in the region of 500 000 every 6 weeks, she has 100 hectares under tobacco and has cattle in excess of 1000. Living an honest and rewarding life.”

Pastor Tom@NowAvailable21

“What’s wrong with retiring and getting into farming and other things? I mean she was in government since 1980! Shiri ichafa ndi Chamisa after losing 2023 without ever tasting power! Now that’s Shiri ichazongofa. Wanna bet?”

Munya Rex Midzi@munyati01

Lol but she’s making serious money through hard work !

I see an exemplary focused woman !


If politicians don’t retire from politics we complain. If they retire and do their farming we say ‘shiri inozongofa’ saka what do we want? Are we ever satiated with anything?

Norman Ngwenya@NormanNgwenya1

vibrant & hard working She gets in the trenches with her workers… driven hopeful. Of course she is no longer the 20 yr old Teurai Ropa of 1980.
She is no longer in politics so let’s be kind to her.


Shiri kufa ? Im sure this lady is worth more than a million of not millions. She just chose to retire from the political scene something Africans are just not used to.

Concerned Citizen@Muzimba1980

She is enjoying her best life. Have you ever been to her farm? No, you are judging from a picture while in Diaspora. What is hanging in the dryer is not tobacco but money. She is one of the biggest poultry suppliers in Zimbabwe currently! Iwe uchikwesha chembere! Nonsense·

When Zimbabwe attained independence in 1980, Mujuru at age 25 was the youngest cabinet minister under then-president Robert Mugabe. Her husband, Solomon Mujuru, became the Zimbabwe National Army commander aged 35.

While she rose through the ranks politically, her husband retired from the army in 1992. He was widely viewed as the power behind her rise to the vice presidency in 2004 ahead of Mnangagwa.

But after Solomon’s death in 2011, Mujuru’s political fortunes changed when she was removed from the VP post in 2014, allegedly because she had presidential ambitions.

She was eventually replaced by Mnangagwa, who later led a coup against Mugabe.

Before Mugabe died he sought an audience with Mujuru. After the meeting, Mujuru said she forgave Mugabe and his wife Grace because they were tricked by people now in power.

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