Mai TT Up For US$40k Fraud

COMEDIENNE Felistas “Mai TT” Murata has been sucked into the eye of a US$40 000 fraud storm.

It’s the latest chapter of a trying period for the controversial entertainer.

Just last year, Murata broke the Internet after she got married and divorced within three months.

The acrimonious divorce also took over the Internet after she made allegations of theft against her then husband Tinashe Maphosa.

He then filed a US$250 000 lawsuit against her, which is still pending.

Yesterday, she appeared in court to face allegations that she misrepresented to Rachel Mhuka that she was in need of US$10 000 and she had a Mercedes Benz to give as surety.

The car, however, didn’t belong to Murata.

Acting on the misrepresentation, Mhuka gave Murata US$10 000.

After a while, Murata retrieved the Benz saying it wasn’t hers and handed over another vehicle, an Audi, as surety.

She later withdrew that Audi and submitted her invalid passport as surety.

Upon realising that the passport was invalid, Mhuka confronted Murata, who returned the Audi as surety.

In January this year, Mhuka was approached by police officers from Rhodesville Police Station, who told her that the car in her possession, belonged to a Car Sale named Else Events Car Hire.

The State is alleging that by so doing, Murata had the intention to dupe Mhuka of her money, which hasn’t been recovered, until now.

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Murata also appeared in another court facing theft of trust property charges in which Else Events Car Hire is the complainant.

Murata and the company entered into an agreement that she would hire their Audi Q5, for US$770, per week.

She failed to make the payments and was ordered to return the vehicle.

She didn’t comply with the demands and became evasive.

The matter was reported to the police and the car was retrieved from Mhuka who had been given the car as surety over a loan.

Anesu Chirenje and Pardon Dziva appeared for the State.

Murata was released unconditionally because she came to court on a summons.

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