Moonchild Sanelly Collapses From Covid-19

South African musician Sanelisiwe Twisha, popularly known as Moonchild Sanelly has been hospitalised after she collapsed.

Moonchild took to her Twitter account on Friday,3 March to tell her supporters that she collapsed and was admitted for Covid-19.

“Collapsed now being admitted for Covid! Anyone of the 3 ppl who have been around me pls check ur status,” tweeted Moonchild.

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Replying to one of the tweeps who implied that the singer didn’t get an injection for Covid, Moonchild said that she wouldn’t have been able to tour without receiving an injection.

“I wouldn’t have toured without a double jab so yes I think it’s mild coz of the jab,” wrote Moonchild.
It was scary. I remember telling myself there is no way this is going to come out and [have people] say, ‘rest in peace Moonchild’,” she stated

“I was in and out of consciousness. I was so weak and we initially thought it was just jet lag. So, I was travelling and didn’t know that I had malaria in my system.”

“Apparently when they called the ambulance I was so delirious that I pushed my friend. It was crazy… I got so lucky. Every doctor kept saying your timing was so vital,” the report quoted Moonchild as saying.

Fans of the singer have sent good wishes and prayers her way.

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