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Cruel Maid Caught Burying Newborn Baby Alive

In a tragic accident that has surprised the community, a Harare maid, Mellisa Matafi, has been charged with attempted infanticide after being caught burying her newborn baby alive.

The case was brought to light on Monday, March 6th, after Matafi was released from custody until May 9th while the State awaits a medical report from the hospital.

According to the prosecution, on February 9th at around 5 am, Matafi, who worked as a maid in Mt. Pleasant, dug a pit in the garden and buried her newborn baby. The gruesome incident was discovered when a security guard, Last Mafuwa, noticed bloodstains on the pavement and suspected something was amiss. He then saw Matafi coming from the garden holding a hoe.

Mafuwa’s suspicions were confirmed when he alerted the homeowner, Hildaberta Rwambiwa, about Matafi’s strange behaviour.

Upon questioning, Matafi claimed she was experiencing heavy blood flow and disposing of blood clots. However, Rwambiwa was not convinced and forced Matafi to remove what she had buried with her hands. To her horror, a newborn baby was discovered, buried alive!

Rwambiwa rushed the baby to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals, and the police were informed of the horrific incident. Matafi was charged with attempted infanticide, and the State is awaiting a medical report from the hospital.

The incident has sent shockwaves through the community, with many people expressing their outrage and disgust at such a heinous act.
The case continues to unfold, and many are hoping for justice to be served for the innocent newborn baby.

The fact that the baby was found alive is nothing short of a miracle.-iharare

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