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Fire Destroys Lecturer’s House

A HARARE POLYTECHNIC lecturer was unlucky after her eight-roomed house on Rotten Row Road in Harare was reduced to ashes by a fire yesterday.

Irene Jaravaza stated that the cause of the fire is unknown because she was not present when it began.

“I can’t really tell the cause of the fire as l was at work when l received the bad news.I suspect that the fire was caused by an electrical fault and the blaze was worsened by a full gas tank that was in the house,” said Jaravaza.

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She said she lost thousands of dollars’ worth of goods, and does not even know where to start from.

“l really can’t believe that l actually watched the house l built burning to ashes. I invested so much in building this house. “Everything was reduced to ashes, including some property belonging to my brother.

“l can’t tell you the actual cost of the house, but it’s worth thousands of US dollars.”

Jaravaza said the house was not insured. “It is just a streak of misfortunes befalling me.

“In the last quarter of last year, I lost my father and brother. “l don’t know what to do anymore and even the next step to take,” Jaravaza said.

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