Da L.E.S In Soup For Criticising Fan’s #JusticeForAKA Comments

South African rapper Da L.E.S disapproves of how justice is being sought for AKA’s death by a multitude of his fans.

The hashtag “JusticeforAKA” has been trending since the day the rapper was shot and killed, but there’s yet to be an answer from the South African Police Service.


The lack of answer has angered some of Kiernan “AKA” Forbes’ fans as they call out the friends of the deceased for being too silent.

In reaction to the comments attached to the hashtag, Da L.E.S urged Twitter users to leave the friends out of it as people grieve differently.

He says he also desires to get an answer but Twitter users shouldn’t drag friends and family members.

“Crazy world we living in. How do y’all really be thinking they took my man’s? What’s the motive? Everyone don’t grieve the same. Please leave them alone they been through a lot. I’m just as angry and also want answers but not in this direction please,” he wrote.

However, Da L.E.S’s tweet landed him in more mess as Twitter users dragged him over his tweet.

“You ouchea defending people but you weren’t there. Why are they silent?” a tweep wrote.

“So they sent you to be their spokesperson vele and you agreed mmhh as for abo “motives” what was Judas motive for selling out Jesus to the rich and connected priest,” another wrote.

Da L.E.S In Soup For Criticising Fan’s #JusticeForAKA Comments

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