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Kwekwe residents urge drug addict to jump off building

Kwekwe – A Kwekwe man believed to be high on drugs threw himself from high rise First Mutual Building in Kwekwe CBD at 7am this morning resulting in his death.

The man is yet to be identified.

Shocking is that members of the public urged him on as he sat precariously on the edge of the building.

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Sources said the man was a drug addict. He told some vendors last night about his intention to commit suicide.

“This man was a drug addict but we always saw him picking some plastics for recycling that was his hustle but it was clear that he was into drug and substance abuse.

“Yesterday we saw him and he was telling people that he wanted to commit suicide so this morning we saw him up the building and people started shouting encouraging him to kill himself,” said one of the vendors who operates near the building.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police attended the scene and took the body away for further investigations


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