Enzo Ishall Gets US$1300 Silver Grills From South Africa

Zimdancehall hitmaker Enzo Ishall recently spoiled himself with a fresh set of silver mouth grills worth US$1300, and people are reeling.

Stephen Kudzanai Mamhare, known as Enzo Ishall, is reaping the benefits of his hit-laden music catalogue. The Magate hitmaker recently visited a dentist in South Africa to get himself a set of customised silver mouth grills.

He shared videos on Instagram of how the dentist put the grills in his teeth. Enzo captioned:

“USD 1 375 in My mouth Now baby🤪🤖🧠
I ain replyin cheap talk worth 00,7 cents #HandidiZvinonditemesamusoro.”

The following day, he posed for a snap with fellow chanter Silent Killer. Enzo flaunted his silver grills, a stark contrast to Silent Killer’s yellow teeth, which made social media users laugh.


Zimbabweans Drag Enzo Ishall

Zimbabweans online dragged Enzo Ishall over the silver mouth grills in the comments:


“Saka kana vakavhara muromo hazviwoneke kuti vane thauzeni mumuromo😂😂😂 [So when he is silent, it’s not even clear that he has a thousand on his mouth?”

Tatenda Maisiri

“Ukaenda pavakomana vepa SIYA -SOO paMbare unoisirwa ne$50 [At SIYA -SOO in Mbare, they will make such grills for you for US$50.]


“Kuita kunge akazvimba muromo kudai 😂😂😂 [His mouth looks swollen].


“Why diss vapfana vepa america vamunoda vanenge vanawo nekuti zvazoitwa nemu zimba makuwanza ma sasi? [Why diss? Those American musicians you love have grills on, but just because a Zimbabwean does it, you now mock?”]

Enzo Ishall 007

Enzo Ishall has been trending on social media since 29 March 2023, when the ruling party held its primary elections in preparation for the national harmonised vote later this year.

Enzo secretly contested in his home area, Sunningdale, and someone took a picture of the nomination with his full name and shared it with online media outlets.

After the internal ZANU-PF elections, the results from Sunningdale circulated online, and they showed that Enzo Ishall got a measly seven votes out of 1 385.

Since then, people have been calling him 007 or 7Up.



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