Jazz Legend Caiphus Semenya Sues AKA

South Africans have reacted to news that legendary musician Caiphus Semenya decided to sue slain rapper Keir nan “AKA” Forbes.

According to Sunday World, the Nomalanga hitmaker is suing the late musician and his distribution company, Sony Music, for not paying him for sampling two of his songs.


The Jazz maestro is demanding 50% royalties after AKA sampled his song Matswale when making Caiphus Song, as well as lyrics from another song on the late musician’s song Diary, which can be found on his posthumous album Mass Country.

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Semenya told the publication that he had instructed his record label, Gallo, to deal with the infringement of copyright. He also told the outlet that he had previously met AKA, who had apologised for sampling his music and promised to fix it.

“Basically, he was a nice young guy. He told me that he had done something wrong that he was not supposed to do.

“He apologised and asked how he could fix it. We spoke about it and he promised to fix things. I told him that the song was nice because music doesn’t have to be in one style,” the music legend said.

He also added that he hope the matter can be resolved amicably and that is why he did not want to make a big fuss about it.

“You see, some guys ask for permission, but some don’t ask for permission. These guys are young, they have to learn that this is business, they have to do things the right way. They must do what is correct,” Semenya said.

AKA was gunned down in Durban on 10 February after having dinner at Wish on Florida restaurant.


AKA’s legion of fans — The Megacy — have criticised Semenya for acting when the musician has died.

“Why was Caiphus Semenya quiet all these AKA was alive ?? He mustn’t be one of those opportunists adults,” @aphelelejoy said.

While @LeratoN_ said: Caiphus song came out in 2018. Caiphus Semenya been quiet the whole damn timeSoon as AKA passes away he suddenly has a voice. Yes he has every right to demand his royalties net the way he did it after his death says a lot about him. He seems bitter that AKA made a hit out of it.”

Meanwhile, others are on Semenya’s side. Entertainment commentator, Phil Mphela, said: “Songs with samples without clearance from the other artist should never be released. Ntate Caiphus has every right to demand his dues from the songs. It’s not personal or an affront to the late AKA or his legacy. Stop being disrespectful to Mr Semenya.”

“You may not agree with Sir Caiphus Semenya but legal matters have no emotions and also don’t disrespect our legend please,” @bigthobs said.

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