Sologamy: Woman Marries Herself In Lavish Wedding

A woman recently spent US$4 000 on an elaborate wedding ceremony in which she married herself.

30-year-old Danni Adams, a plus-size fashionista and body image coach from the US, held a lavish ceremony to celebrate her wedding to herself last December.

At Danni’s wedding ceremony, which was attended by dozens of guests, she had nine bride maids and walked to the alter to say her vows to herself.

Why She Married Herself

Explaining why she decided to go against convention in marrying herself, Danni said

“I overcame a lot of trauma, and it inspired me to marry myself.

“I realised I wasn’t living for myself, and this wedding was my chance to start over.

“I spent four thousand dollars on my wedding. I had nine bridesmaids.

“People now treat me differently; they’re thinking like, oh, she can afford her wedding on her own. She’s confident; she loves herself. That’s right.”



The 30-year-old new bride doesn’t believe she went overboard as she was celebrating herself.

“There is no such thing as overdoing celebrating yourself. Some people buy themselves a bag, some people get themselves a Cruise, I got myself a wedding.”

PICS: Who Needs Heartbreak? - Woman Marries Herself In Elaborate Wedding Ceremony 
Woman marries herself [Image: Instagram/@amapoundcake]


Danni is one of the new generation of women who are promoting and advocating for sologamy.

Sologamy, also known as “self-marriage” or “self-partnering,” is a symbolic ceremony where a person commits to a meaningful and loving relationship with themselves and a promise to give themselves what they often seek from other people.

In January, Miley Cyrus’s song “Flowers” – about celebrating self-love after her divorce – became Spotify’s most streamed song in a week.

However, critics of sologamy say “self-marriage” is narcissistic and makes a mockery of the special sacrament of marriage.


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