Kate Middleton Sparks Body Double, Clone Conspiracies In New Photo

Conspiracy theorists have taken to social media to cast doubt on a photo showing the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton smiling during a shopping trip over the weekend.

An image from the visit showed the mother-of-three in good spirits, and appearing healthy and relaxed, as she chatted with Prince William on the return to their car.

The news will have reassured fans of the couple that Kate is recovering well from her abdominal surgery in January, which has left her unable to carry out public engagements.

It comes after wild social media speculation and gossip about Kate’s health and whereabouts, which is understood to have left the couple deeply upset.

However, the furore shows no signs of abating among some, as some cynics took to  social media to denounce the images as fake, accusing them of showing a body double, a different woman or having been altered by AI.

Molly Elizabeth wrote: ‘If you really don’t think this is Kate then you need to go to Specsavers … and probably go touch some grass.’

RoyallyBelle said: ‘That’s the Princess of Wales alright! Kate is BACK.’

Kayla Adams added: ‘I don’t usually post photos that are taken outside public events, but here you go ladies and gentlemen. The Prince and Princess of Wales out at a local farm shop near their home as reported this weekend. Can the Kate Middleton conspiracies settle down please.’

Saad wrote: ‘Kate is absolutely insane because how can you go through a major surgery, have the most vile rumours and conspiracy theories circulated about you, get attacked and harassed by armchair critics and still come out looking so gorgeous and unbothered.’

Another person added: ‘Honestly Kate could walk up to some of these idiots, slap them around the face, tell them she is Princess Kate… and they still would say she’s a lookalike, or a clone, or whatever batshit crazy conspiracy they’ve concocted! She’s out and about, looking happy and healthy… time to stop the madness!’

Kensington Palace has not commented on the photo where Kate Middleton is seen striding from the Windsor Farm Shop – much loved by the couple and set up by William’s late grandfather Prince Philip – while carrying a substantial shopping bag on Saturday afternoon.

The future queen looked well and was sportily dressed, wearing a hooded top, gym leggings, sports socks and trainers.

She was seen smiling as she spoke to the Prince of Wales, who appeared to be equally happy to be out and about with his wife in the spring sunshine. William was also casual in a baseball cap, casual coat, jeans and trainers.

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