Tinashe Mugabe, Tinashe Mutarisi Linked With The Illuminati

Never a day goes by without seeing a post belonging to or alluding to both Tinashe Mugabe and Tinashe Mutarisi on Social media and their influence is as remarkable as their success stories. This time, however, the two have been linked to a secret society, The Illuminati.

Why Illuminati?

Social media in Zimbabwe is abuzz with speculation over Tinashe Mugabe’s hand gesture, prompting speculation that it may have ties to gang activity or even membership in the notorious secret society, The Illuminati.

The debate was sparked by a viral photo of Mugabe and popular entrepreneur and socialite Tinashe Mutarisi, where both men were captured flashing the same hand sign

Mugabe has used this gesture before, but when Mutarisi did the same in a photo taken while they were out with their spouses, people took notice.

Tinashe Mugabe and Tinashe Mutarisi are pictured standing shoulder to shoulder while displaying the sign, which is made up of the middle finger resting on top of the index finger.

The mysterious nature of the hand sign and its frequent usage have sparked contentious debates among Zimbabwean social media users who are interested in its origins and significance.

Why this gesture?

Recently, the entertainment site Eyes Of 263 started an intriguing discussion on their Instagram page.

They asked the audience if they understood the significance of Tinashe Mugabe’s unusual hand gesture which involves the purposeful entwining of his middle and index fingers.

Some explanations, among the many that were offered in the comment section, stuck out more than others.

It turns out that the DNA structure is reflected in this specific gesture In light of Tinashe Mugabe’s claim to fame as the host of the well-liked reality programme The Closure DNA Show, which gives families the chance to establish their paternity and maternity, everything comes together nicely.

According to iHarare, Tinashe Mugabe’s The Closure DNA Show continues to spread its wings with the show going regional.

The DNA Man, as Mugabe refers to himself, recently revealed that they shot an episode in Zambia with a Zambian couple who requested his services.


Tinashe Mugabe, Tinashe Mutarisi Linked With The Illuminati


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