Chris Excel Wages Twitter War Against Lasizwe

The battle is far from over as media personality Lasizwe Dambuza goes head-to-head with Twitter troll, Chris Excel. After Lasizwe shared his little milestone of being sober for over a month, the Fake It Till You Make It reality TV star was met with a tough crowd on Twitter.

Twitter is abuzz following mounting calls calling for Twitter troll Chris Excel to remove Bianca Coster’s picture as his profile picture. Yet Lasizwe found himself on a hot seat after sharing news of being sober. Twitter troll Chris Excel ruffled Lasizwe’s feathers and a war was waged between the two.

“Tomorrow marks a significant milestone for me, as it will have been over a month since I last consumed alcohol. This journey has been both challenging and rewarding. Maintaining sobriety in the midst of social gatherings can be difficult, especially when one’s friends are not abstaining. However, this experience has taught me valuable lessons in self-awareness and self-control, particularly in managing anxiety. I am proud of the progress I have made and look forward to continuing on this path of personal growth.” wrote Lasizwe

Immediately Lasizwe was attacked by Twitter troll Chris Excel, who brought up the donation scheme he once started but nobody know where all the funds went.

Following mounting calls that demanded Chris Excel to remove his profile picture that belong to a lady by the name of Bianca Coster. Chris Excel is not hot nor bothered to change his Twitter profile picture. Hence Lasizwe had a go at him for benefiting from using Bianca Coster’s profile picture.

“It’s a shame you have to resort to catfishing and trolling to feel good about yourself. Maybe if you spent less time hiding behind this fake profile and more time working on your own self-worth, you wouldn’t feel the need to bring others down. Your behavior is pathetic and immature. Grow up and try being a decent human being for once Instead of wasting your time and energy on trolling others, why don’t you try being genuine and building real connections with people? It’s much more fulfilling than living a double life.” wrote Lasizwe


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