Hell Commander reveals why he is not yet married

One of Zimbabwe’s eligible bachelors, the self-proclaimed millionaire Trevor Mbizvo, famously known for his lavish lifestyle and flamboyant persona as “Hell Commander,” spilt the beans on why he and some of his peers have not yet taken the plunge and walked down the aisle with someone’s daughter.

While some Zimbabweans have attributed the fear of commitment by wealthy men referred to as Mbingas in popular Shona slang, to tie the knot to kuromba, Hell Commander has offered a tongue-in-cheek explanation for his continued bachelorhood.

According to him, he and his affluent friends are eagerly anticipating the day they finally find that special someone and settle down, but unfortunately, the right woman has not yet come their way.

Hell Commander humorously claims that the reason for this is that women are not sending them explicit pictures in their direct messages (DMs).

In a bold move, he playfully urges women to send pictures in their birthday suits, promising that they will experience some sort of magical transformation once they do.

Taking to his Instagram Stories, Hell Commander wrote:

Pfunga dzekuroora tinenge tiinadzo but you don’t send us nudes. Send nudes and see magic.


Interestingly, in 2021, Mbizvo found himself in a public love triangle involving socialite Monalisa Chavura, aka Njuzu, and Scott Kupa’s current PR officer, Ms Shally, who was made her name as the manager of the late Ginimbi.

Njuzu later announced that she was pregnant with Hell Commander’s baby, which resulted in his relationship with Ms Shally falling apart.

While it’s unclear if Hell Commander and Njuzu are still together, the pair no longer displays their affection for each other publicly, and there are no pictures of the flamboyant businessman on Njuzu’s official Instagram page.

Last month, Monalisa Chavura announced that she had given birth to a baby named True but has kept the identity of the father under wraps.-iharare

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