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I caught my wife with our gardener but I am not angry…

My wife and I emigrated several years ago when she was headhunted for a top job. We met at university and had a similar status in Zimbabwe, but the move made her much more professionally successful than me. We have a fantastic life here in the UK, and have had two children since moving. However, the small community, and the repetitiveness of expat life, can make things dull.

Last year, my wife started an ɑffɑir with our gardener, partly to relieve her boredom.

At first I was oblivious to their relati0nship, and when I eventually found out I surprised myself by not being angry. I could tell she was more fulfilled emotionally and physically, and I was happy about that. What makes it easier is that I really like my wife’s l0ver. He is often at our house working on the garden, and we usually have a few beers together when he is finished. When he and my wife need some time together, I look after the kids.

The arrangement has improved my ƨǝx life with my wife immeasurably. I think it has helped to redress the power imbalance caused by her work, as I am able to show how secure I feel as a husband and a man by approving of the situation.

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