Queen Lolly: Lover of tlof tlof has done it again, this time with her best friend’s boyfried

Emerging Maskandi musician and notorious “other woman” Nomfundo Shezi has allegedly pounced again.
Shezi, who is known on YouTube and social media as Queen Lolly, is said to have snatched her own friend’s boyfriend.

Said friend is alleged to be Roberta Ngema, who produces the contentious Omakhwapheni Sidechicks podcast on YouTube.

The two became friends shortly after Shezi was interviewed for the podcast, during which she dropped the names of various celebrities she had allegedly been romantically involved with.

A source who knows the two alleged that Queen Lolly had been eyeing Ngema’s boyfriend.

“Rob is genuinely heartbroken. I heard a voice note where she told Queen Lolly where to get off. She even included her family and that’s when I knew that this really happened. Queen Lolly slept with Rob’s man,” the source said.

Ngema confirmed the allegations and said her woes had begun when Shezi got the boyfriend’s number and started sending him suggestive emojis on WhatsApp.

Ngema, who expressed her regret at letting Shezi into her life, said she had befriended the musician because she had felt sorry for her.

“We became friends because I felt bad that she didn’t have any friends. I thought she was a normal person. Her sister explained that one day I’d see her true colours, and I have been seeing them almost every day.

“I lost it when she told me that if she wants my man, she can have him. I’ve ended my relationship with Lolly.” Ngema said:

She’s a snake who can kill you and act innocent. She has hurt so many people.

“Even now, as we speak, they are together – and I don’t care!”

Shezi said she felt betrayed because she had helped the singer on numerous occasions.

“I’ve helped her in so many ways. I begged Master KG [Kgaogelo Moagi of Jerusalema fame] not to sue her [after claiming that she was his baby mama] because I know that she doesn’t have money to afford a lawyer. I bought her food when she had nothing,” said Ngema.

Shezi alleged in 2020 that she was expecting a child with Moagi, but the former Open Mic Productions artist denied having a child with her.

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In February, she was slapped with a lawsuit by polygamist and reality TV star Musa Mseleku for leading the public to think that she was having sexual relations with him when she was actually his son’s side chick.

Shezi threatened to sue when approached for a comment.

“Before I sue you, please take my name out of this. That girl [Ngema] must tell you that she drugs people for them to have those interviews [on Omakhwapheni Sidechicks].

She screamed on the other side of the call:

You better record this or put me on loudspeaker because I know you’re with her.

Before she hung up, a man’s voice could be heard mumbling and Shezi told this individual that it was Ngema on the phone.

In WhatsApp messages sent to City Press, she wrote: “I know it’s you [Ngema]. You started this drama, [so] deal with it and make sure you tell the truth because I will tell it all and I’m ready.

“Get it in your empty skull that nobody wants you here. Don’t you dare drag Master KG on your drama with lies; you have used me enough and used the information of my ex-boyfriends to push [the podcast] after you drugged me twice on your show. So, please, gogo phuma kithi [leave us alone, you old woman].”

The boyfriend in question denied knowing Ngema.

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“Who is Rob? Queen Lolly is my sister and I am in a relationship with one woman, who is my baby mama,” he said. “I don’t know Rob, I have never had a girlfriend called by that name.”

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