Rasta’s recent painting may depress Dineo Ranaka further

Controversial celebrity painter Lebani Sirenje, famously known as Rasta the Artist, has once again sparked a wave of reactions with his latest controversial artwork. This time, it was a portrait of renowned radio personality Dineo Ranaka that left social media in a frenzy.

As Mzansi rallies behind Dineo Ranaka, who recently opened up about her mental health struggles, Rasta took to social media to share his painting of the popular media personality. The Zimbabwean-born artist showcased the portrait while expressing his wishes for strength and love towards Dineo.

Rasta's recent painting may depress Dineo Ranaka further
Rasta’s recent painting may depress Dineo Ranaka further

Captioning the pictures of the portraits, Rasta wrote,

Strength and much love to you sisters.”

Reflecting on his encounters with Dineo during their time at Metro FM, Rasta recalled shared laughter and a playful request from her to refrain from drawing her.

While Rasta believes that his painting will eventually reach Dineo, the public’s reaction to his latest creation has been far from positive. Social media users wasted no time in sharing their hilarious reactions to Rasta’s latest attempt at capturing Dineo Ranaka in a portrait. Mocking his persistent lack of resemblance, many users jokingly suggested that Rasta should consider pursuing a different hobby altogether.

Check out some of the reactions;

@Thabiso Thabza Segoana;

It’s been years without any improvement, I think it’s about time to find another hobby. You not cut out for this thing my friend🤷🏽‍♂️


😂😂😂😂l just saw wendy Williams for a sec😅

@Kopane Vince ;

Rasta please, you didn’t draw Dineo Ranaka: you drew Nadie Karana. �

@Wiselady Aluwani;

😂😂😂😂 who’s the one wearing red?

@Xolani Mabhoko;

Improvement dololo Rasta the Artist😂😂🤔😳😔💔

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