Katlego Maboe’s baby mama claims she was left homeless and hungry after breaking up

Katlego Maboe’s ex-wife Monique Muller continues dishing out more dirt concerning the aftermath of their much-publicized break up three years ago.

Muller has revealed that she and her son were left homeless and without food for some time after their seperation.

The separation between Katlego Maboe and Monique Muller was accompanied by a series of legal battles as she applied for a protection order against Maboe and pursued domestic violence charges against him.

In response, Katlego Maboe counter-sued Muller and others, seeking significant financial compensation. The year 2022 witnessed a surprising turn of events, as the legal case was mutually settled, allowing Maboe to reclaim his position as a host on Expresso.

While Maboe’s return to the spotlight appeared triumphant, Monique Muller’s recent revelations suggest a different narrative.

In an Instagram Story, she shared her personal account of the difficult period between their separation and Katlego Maboe’s television comeback. She revealed that after they separated she didn’t claim any spousal maintenance.

Monique claims that she simply walked away with nothing but two beds and a washing machine.

She added that she ended up moving him with her family as her break up with Katlego left her homeless.

“My son and I were homeless. We had to move in with family.”

Monique Muller also disclosed that despite court orders requiring Maboe to provide housing for them, he allegedly evicted them without notice.

“Even though the court said that he has to keep us in the apartment for the next six months, obviously, because our son was a baby..he and his attorney went and had given immediate notice at our apartment. And so my son and I were evicted, and we didn’t have anywhere to go. And this was all while y’all were thinking this was your superhero of the year while he had his baby mama and son out on the street.”

In one instance, Muller claims to have reached out to Katlego Maboe for assistance with basic necessities such as food and electricity for their child. She expressed her disappointment, sharing,

He did nothing. He just posts Bible quotes.”

Monique Muller’s revelations suggest a stark contrast between Maboe’s public image and the alleged reality of his actions during their separation.

Muller’s allegations extend beyond the immediate challenges she faced. She has accused Maboe of misleading the court about his income, questioning his claims of unemployment. Additionally, she criticized his spending habits, highlighting a perceived disparity between his lifestyle and his contributions towards their child’s well-being.

How can your expenses range 150k and not even a third of that goes to your child? You rock the latest brands, but shop at Pep for your child and not even clothing that currently fits him. Are you not embarrassed as a parent?”

Muller also revealed that Katlego Maboe reportedly failed to provide adequate financial support for their child’s education and clothing needs.

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