Christine Nampeera faces arrest after tlof tlof video leak

Christine Nampeera, a well-known social media sensation from Uganda, suddenly found herself unexpectedly in the public eye after a video leaked while she was having a private moment with her boyfriend.

Christine Nampeera now faces the risk of arrest under Uganda’s stringent act. This legislation criminalises the production and circulation of ‘such material’.

Following the release of a film showing her and her lover in a public toilet enjoying a private moment, Christine has recently been in the news. The event apparently happened at Kenji’s Cocktail Bar, an established restaurant in Kampala.

The video shows Christine Nampeera and her boyfriend, Bashara, having a private moment. It has been widely shared on social media sites, including X (formerly known as Twitter). The guy behind the camera stealthily records the interaction while Bashara acknowledges the existence of the person recording it at one point in the video.

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Bashara and Christine exchange private moments throughout the film, even changing their body positions.

Since Christine has chosen not to speak publicly about the situation, it is still unknown whether she was aware that someone was filming the encounter.

For those interested, you can view the video by following this link.

Witness the Moment: Watch Christine Nampeera’s video Here

Feel free to watch the video here:



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