“Chamisa is not our ally”: Fikile Mbalula in support of ZANU PF

South Africa’s ruling party ANC’s Secretary General Fikile Mbalula has made it clear that he is in full support of Zimbabwe’s ruling party ZANU PF and the recently elected President Emerson Mnangagwa.

While addressing the National Union of Mine Workers’ National Executive Committee meeting on Thursday, the fiery SG made a bold statement that they are hundred percent behind liberation party movements.

Mbalula stirred a media storm when he congratulated President Mnangagwa when he was controversially elected for a second term to head Zimbabwe.

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“We might have problems with ZanuPF, but in Zimbabwe you must know, what is progressive and our allies is ZanuPF.

“And reactionaries do not want to us to say that. Nelson Chamisa and his allies are our allies. Our allies. They don’t speak our language. They are not with us in this new world agenda of the alternative multipolar world we want to build, they’re not with us.” he said.

Mbalula also claims that Nelson Chamisa is working for ‘imperialists’ and that makes him their enemy.

“They’re with the neoliberals, and the liberal agenda in the world.

“As the ANC we don’t subscribe to that. We are anti-imperialists. So any political party that perpetuates the entrenchment of neocolonialism and imperialism is not our allies.” he said.

He also made it clear that he acknowledges the blunders made by ZANU PF but prefers them to be in power.

“Our allies can be committing blunders, including the former liberation movements, but they remain our allies…

“You know if we were to lose power Comrades, we will never come back easily because development and boom of this economy is coming. And those who will win, will look like they’re nice guys who understand where this country is going, yet it would have been due to the work done by the ANC.”.

“It’s easy for anyone to open their mouths and criticise because that’s what you suffer as an incumbent. Your task as an incumbent is to stay true to what you’re supposed to do. That’s why as I conclude, we must never be tolerant of people who are not doing the right things”


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