ZANU PF Rules Forever, Says Minister

Minister of State for Matabeleland North Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Richard Moyo says no other government besides the one led by Zanu PF will ever rule in Zimbabwe.
The ruling party has been in power since 1980 when the country gained independence from Britain.

Minister Moyo said this while speaking as a guest of honour at the handover of a maternity facility in Mbembesi clinic in Insuza on Friday.

His sentiments come as the country is gearing up for 2023 harmonized elections which are set for July or August this year.

“As Insuza we will never stand alone, you should join others to get development, I am here now and we will work. Many projects are going to come from the government and you shouldn’t sabotage government programs, there won’t be any other government that you will see in Zimbabwe besides the one that is ruling now,” said Minister Moyo.

“Women, if you hear your husband saying they are dreaming of a new government, you should hit them with an elbow, tell them that you have to appease the ancestors as they turn against you.”

Minister Moyo said village heads should join the current wave and the ED affiliates mushrooming throughout the country.

“No President will rule this country besides the one who is there under President Emmerson Mnangagwa, ask yourself this, all organizations are now for ED, if you are village head and still not under Kraal Heads for ED you are behind, councillors for ED, MPs for ED, Mapostori for ED, MaZion for ED, Young women for ED, Vendors for ED, Malayitsha for ED, Pastors for ED, Insuza for ED, everyone now belongs to ED because of his works, he has changed the Zimbabwe which you were saying won’t rise again,” he said.

He also claimed that under President Mnangagwa’s leadership, queues at banks and fuel stations have disappeared.

“If you hear someone saying they were in a bank queue, know that they are lying, Mnangagwa did all this. Even the employees were earning 100 percent RTGS but for now, while we are still experiencing sanctions the employees are getting half RTGS and half United States Dollars, all this is the President’s effort, no other President will do this,” he said.

Moyo added that Insuza is not an Island and hence should imitate what other wards are doing.

“Village heads, you are the ones leading people, lead them in the right direction, don’t mislead them, show them where there is life and no life will be there besides the ruling President,” he said.

“If you see yourself supporting an aspiring president, you are lost, President Mnangagwa won’t support someone who wants to remove him, when you are a leader too make sure no one removes you, if you think it’s okay for Mnangagwa to be removed from power, we should also remove you where you are, so let us do our corrections as Insuza and allow development from Central government in the new dispensation,” said Moyo. CITE


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