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Learn About 18 Tech Companies in Charlotte, North Carolina

Whether you’re looking to move or trying to find a career locally, you can benefit from focusing your job search on a particular city. Charlotte has many successful technology companies that started offering services there or moved to the location recently. Knowing what technology companies are in this region and which careers they offer can help you find your next job.

In this article, we explore 18 tech companies in Charlotte and discuss the size of their company, the types of positions they offer and any information available regarding their employee benefits.

Please note that none of the companies mentioned in this article are affiliated with Indeed.

18 tech companies in Charlotte

Below is a list of 18 technology companies in Charlotte:

1. Premier, Inc.

Size: 1,001–5,000 employees

Description: Founded in 1967 in Charlotte, Premier, Inc. is a health care company that specializes in developing, manufacturing and delivering devices and services to its network of hospitals and other medical facilities. Its mission involves providing low-cost health solutions to clients.

Premier, Inc. offers full-time positions in business technology areas, such as analytics, marketing and consulting, or technical fields like software engineering and product management. Full-time employees may receive several benefits, such as:

  • Access to an employee incentive program

  • Tuition reimbursement

  • Merchandise discounts

  • Access to company exercise programs

  • Paid volunteer time off

2. Navisite

Size: 501–1,000 employees

Description: Navisite (previously Velocity Technology Solutions, Inc.) is an information technology company that specializes in optimizing its own cloud software to help other organizations increase the efficiency of their operations. They offer cloud-managed services products, including cloud-managed infrastructure, data lakes and managed container support.

Navisite offers jobs in areas such as project management, customer service and representation, consultation and web services administration. Current employees may receive benefits, such as:

  • Flexible spending accounts

  • 401(k) contributions and matching

  • Unlimited vacation

3. Avidxchange

Size: 501–1,000 employees

Description: Avidxchange is a financial technology services company that specializes in helping companies pay bills easily using its accounting software. AvidXchange works with existing accounting systems, permitting businesses to automate their accounts payable and payments processes.

This company offers full-time job positions in areas such as product management, various engineering fields, data science and customer service. It also offers internships in sales and business, product marketing, human resources and business management. Full-time team employees at Avidxchange can have benefits such as:

  • Retirement planning

  • Flexible spending account

  • 401(k) savings

4. Source Technologies

Size: 51–200 employees

Description: Founded in 1986 in Charlotte, Source Technologies is an economic services company that specializes in providing hardware and software to organizations in varied industries, including finance, retail and government. Some examples of its products include payroll applications, printers and kiosk machines that allow customers to make payments at a certain location.

Source Technologies offers positions in multiple departments, such as engineering, customer service and technical support.

5. CPI Security Systems

Size: 501–1,000 employees

Description: CPI Security Systems specializes in home security systems, technologies and customer service. Its employees design, install and monitor these systems to ensure the safety of their customers and fulfill their needs.

This company offers full-time positions in a variety of fields, including systems engineering, marketing, sales, operations, technical services and business analysis. CPI Security Systems may offer their full-time employees benefits like:

  • 401(k) savings and matching

  • Education assistance

  • Paid volunteer opportunities

  • Birthday and anniversary celebrations

  • Wellness incentive program

  • Team-building activities

6. Rize Technology

Size: 51–200 employees

Description: Rize Technology is a company that specializes in providing IT products and solutions for external companies in a variety of industries. It offers multiple types of services to clients, including website and mobile development, content and data management and technology support services. This organization also has multiple facilities in the United States, with additional branches in India and Australia.

Rize Technology often provides job opportunities in different departments, like application development and programming. Current employees may enjoy benefits, like access to flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts.

7. Payzer

Size: 51–200 employees

Description: Payzer is a financial services technology company that aims to help contractors grow their independent businesses by offering comprehensive business software. This tool can allow individuals to make employee shift schedules, collect customer data, organize financial documents and manage incoming calls or messages.

Payzer offers positions in varied business areas, such as software development, customer service and representation, sales and business analysis. It typically gives its full-time employees benefits like:

  • 401(k) savings

  • Flexible spending account (FSA)

  • Health savings account (HSA)

  • Paid vacations

8. Aceyus

Size: 51–200 employees

Description: Aceyus specializes in the development of data-tracking technologies that can help organizations manage customer information. This software gives businesses the ability to centralize all data into one dashboard, which allows personnel to track a customer’s engagement with an organization and their purchasing history. Aceyus also specializes in providing services to companies with call centers, as its software can help personnel analyze information from customer interactions.

It often offers positions in software development, sales, finance, graphic design and content writing. Employees often receive a generous benefits package that includes health coverage and access to both an FSA and HSA.

9. Hylaine

Size: 11–50 employees

Description: Hylaine is a technology solutions company that helps organizations plan projects using IT methods. Its employees often consult with executives to develop unique project strategies and steps that can best address an organization’s needs.

This company offers full-time positions in a variety of specializations, including application development, business intelligence and technology consultation. Its full-time employees often have several benefits, including:

  • 401(k) savings

  • Professional development

  • Employee bonus programs

  • Four-week sabbatical program after seven years of employment

10. Tresata

Size: 11–50 employees

Description: Tresata is a software development company that specializes in helping organizations use database applications and artificial intelligence programs to make key business decisions. It provides technology and consulting services to companies in a variety of industries, including health care, finance, retail and manufacturing.

Tresata offers both full-time positions and internships in multiple departments, such as engineering, data analysis, sales analysis and project management. Common benefits at this company include health insurance and access to retirement plans.

11. Red Ventures

Size: 1,001–5,000 employees

Description: Red Ventures is an IT-based company that provides businesses with resources to create a new organization or connect with an existing brand. It provides digital and physical marketplaces that customers can use to find a large variety of products and services. It primarily operates in Charlotte, with additional offices in other states, the United Kingdom and Brazil.

Red Ventures offers full-time positions in a variety of fields, like marketing, sales, search engine optimization (SEO) and project management. Full-time employees at Red Ventures have benefits that include a retirement plan along with continuous learning and development opportunities, among other benefits.

12. LendingTree

Size: 1,001–5,000 employees

Description: LendingTree is a financial services company that offers people the opportunity to research loan options for personal ventures, businesses and homeownership. It provides a network of loan service organizations and publishes articles on how to make effective financial decisions.

Lending Tree has full-time positions in software engineering, data engineering, strategic analysis and compliance management. Employees at LendingTree may receive:

  • 401(k) matching

  • Performance-based bonuses

  • Comprehensive insurance plans

13. Passport

Size: 201–500 employees

Description: Passport is an information technology company that specializes in developing and implementing transportation software. It works with city officials and other businesses to develop traffic flow and parking technology for the modern era. For example, it offers a digital service that allows customers to purchase time in a parking spot using an application.

This company offers full-time positions in data engineering, sales, talent acquisition, data engineering and product management. Full-time employees at Passport often have benefits such as:

  • Flexible working hours

  • 401(k) savings

  • Commuter benefits

  • Equity options

  • Flexible vacation policy

14. Ekos

Size: 51–200 employees

Description: Ekos is a technology company that supports independent craft food and beverage businesses. It specializes in providing end-to-end software, which involves optimizing a company’s sales process and improving the efficiency of all steps in a department’s workflow. Its employees develop software to help manage various aspects of the company, including production, customer service and supply management.

Ekos has full-time positions in multiple areas, like sales, marketing and software engineering. Benefits at Ekos include medical insurance plans and flexible spending accounts.

15. ClaySys Technologies

Size: 501–1,000 employees

Description: ClaySys Technologies is a software development company that provides IT project resources and consulting sessions to help other businesses grow. These services involve a wide range of topics, including artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, mobile application development and document management software.

This company offers full-time positions in areas such as project management, applications development, software engineering and account management. Full-time employees at ClaySys often have benefits such as:

  • Housing benefits

  • Vacation time

  • Professional learning and development

16. eComDash

Size: 11–50 employees

Description: eComDash is a computer software company that specializes in helping online retailers grow their businesses. It provides a comprehensive platform that allows customers to track inventory updates and transactions as they occur.

This company offers full-time positions in areas such as computer engineering, project management and customer outreach and success. Full-time employees at eComDash often have benefits, including:

  • 401(k) savings and matching

  • Professional learning and development

17. SeedSpark

Size: Less than 10 employees

Description: SeedSpark is an IT-based company that helps organizations learn how to use IT technology and develop effective marketing strategies. It also creates business software for clients based on their specifications and overall needs.

SeedSpark company offers full-time positions in information technology, cybersecurity, application development and digital marketing. Full-time employees at SeedSpark often have benefits such as:

  • 401(k) matching

  • Holiday bonuses

  • Profit-sharing opportunities

18. Clear Markets

Size: 51–200 employees

Description: Clear Markets is a financial technology company that creates electronic trading systems and offers them to businesses. It also maintains this system on a day-to-day basis so organizations can conduct trading activities. This company has facilities in several local and international regions, including Tokyo, London and New York City.

It typically offers full-time positions in software engineering, marketing and sales.



Learn About 18 Tech Companies in Charlotte, North Carolina
Learn About 18 Tech Companies in Charlotte, North Carolina

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